Sharon and I are so grateful that you should choose to open your world to Wave Collective! We were never meant to do this journey alone, and I truly believe that developing relationships with leaders of like faith and spirit is of utmost importance in building healthy lives and churches.

Having been in full-time ministry for over 25 years, I have seen first-hand the benefits of “iron sharpening iron” throughout the years. For ten years, I served on staff at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. When my family moved to the United States in 1999 to begin pastoring what is now known as Wave Church, one of my first priorities was to connect with other churches and leaders. Wave Collective was launched with this in mind, and we have seen God do great things through the power of relationships and friendships!

This website will keep you informed as you navigate being a part of Wave Collective. Please understand that this partnership is exclusively offered to the Senior Pastor. We understand that the only influence we have is that which you give us. Our heart is to empower leaders by offering support and encouragement, injecting vision and inspiration, and building God-connections.

As a reminder, Wave Collective consists of two main groups: the pastors that have joined the Collective and those who simply want to have fellowship with the Collective. The first group will be classified in the subsequent pages as Collective Partners. The second will be referred to as Friends of the Collective.

Partners identify the Collective as a significant resource for counsel and prayer support. We also provide these members with a Certificate of Affiliation and an ordination of the Senior Pastors. Collective Friends want to foster a voluntary relationship with Wave Collective. Friends are not able to seek ordination from Wave Collective, but may avail themselves to the benefit of relationship with Wave Collective.

Again, one of our major aims is to simply introduce pastors to one another. We are not seeking to build this Collective into something that is large and controlling. We are looking for people who want to voluntarily enter into fellowship with Wave Collective and its vision. In whatever capacity you have chosen to journey with Wave Collective in the days ahead, please know that it is an absolute honor and and privilege to have you along for the ride!

All the Best,

Steve and Sharon Kelly

Senior Pastors, Wave Church :: Founders, Wave Collective