Over the years, Wave Collective has had the incredible honor of championing the mission and vision of churches around the world. Below you will find some brief words on how involvement in Wave Collective has sharpened and empowered others as they answer the call of God on their lives.

“Wave Collective is built on relationships. It’s not a ‘club’ that you join, but a real fellowship of pastors, ministers, and leaders.”

Steve Caronna

Senior Pastor Living Word Family Church

“Focusing on people rather than programs, the Collective refreshes the minister and offers great resources to enhance their ministry.”

Don Braswell

Senior Pastor Metro Church

“The desire of Wave Collective to serve and help our church with the knowledge, wisdom, and practical principles the Collective offers has been overwhelming and a great help to us!”

Bert Wimberly

Senior Pastor Gates of the City Church

“Without the leadership and efforts of Wave Collective to help us plant our church from the very first service, our church would not be what it is today. The Collective really is committed to our success.”

Kevin Green

Senior Pastor The Living Room Church