Wave Leadership College is stepping out and ramping up all of our efforts to come back into community with each other again! We are excited for our Spring Preview Day on May 4th which will be offered virtual and in person! We will be having a full worship service for chapel, a preview of classes, our LEAP program, coffee, donuts, and Chick Fil-A! We hope to see you there! Register through www.wavecollege.edu! We also look forward to our Fall 2021 semester being completely in person!

Wave Leadership College has started to foster partnerships with businesses around the community. Chick Fil-A has adopted us as a partner to hire leaders out of our program. They support our program and are so excited to gain more students from us! We are also continuing to see many churches partner with us to train their key leaders and key volunteers. We are humbled at the opportunity to equip and educate batches of students and launch them into their churches. Right now we have more students from other churches in our program than from Wave Church, and we see this as a great indicator that we are full steam ahead towards our mission statement: to equip Christian leaders to build the local church and transform their communities for the glory of God. Please consider sending your key leaders or the top 1-2 key volunteers in your church to our program – take advantage of our scholarships designed just for our collective churches and many more financial opportunities. Let’s build a foundation of leaders ready to lead in this generation! We have recently seen many students get hired on full time at their home churches and we look forward to building testimonial videos on our website soon! Most of our students stay connected to their home churches through our HomeLink program. Their pastors take a personal role in their education and oversee staying connected with their students throughout their time here.

We are also pumped that our intramural basketball team is back up and running! We will attempt to stream the games to social media so that we can all feel that joy of community. The team is so excited to be back together! Games run until May 18 and are on Tuesday nights from 9-11 pm at Great Neck Baptist Church.

Finally, as we end this school year, we also begin our new fiscal year. Would you consider becoming a monthly partner of $25 or more to help us continue our mission of equipping Christian leaders? As you know, Wave Leadership College is a completely independent, accredited, non-profit Christian college. In order to keep the cost of tuition low, we rely heavily on the donations of those who believe in this important mission. Thank you for your financial support, your faithful prayers, and your individual messages of encouragement. I’m grateful for the faithfulness of God and the co-laborers He brings.

Sarah L. Hummel, M.A.
Executive Vice President
Wave Leadership College
1000 N. Great Neck Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23454
(757) 401-6422


Wave Leadership College is committed to equipping Christian leaders to build the local church and transform their communities for the glory of God.

Accredited Degree Program. Earn your Ministry degree. Face-to-face classes. Affordable tuition. Earn college credit for internships in your church. Check out www.wavecollege.edu for more information.