We are planning on our classes being face-to-face in the fall – we have made all the necessary precautions to keep classes small, clean, and safe.

Dual enrollment for our entire degree is now open for high school juniors and seniors.

Our full degree night program begins this fall – three nights a week.

For more information, contact us at wavecollege.edu or 757-401-6566.


Here is a testimony from our 2020-2021 Head Student, Mikayla Masteller:

It is a really strong belief that I hold that in order to lead effectively in ministry, a strong biblical foundation is absolutely essential. In the past two years, I have worked hard to complete my Associates of Ministry degree from Wave Leadership College with a focus in Professional Leadership. The quality and focus of academics that have been offered to me there have been the absolute biggest asset in helping me to build the strongest foundation possible for my life. I have been challenged to not only have a learning heart and pursue biblical and theological truth, but to lead myself and others well by serving them. Those invaluable experiences have made me such a better leader than I could have ever imagined myself being. Over the past two semesters I have had the honor of serving on the Council of Student Leaders as the Head Liaison, and as the Stage Management team lead for our Chapel services. Recently, I have stepped into my new position as Head Student and have begun walking out that role! I have grown largely in my leadership capacity from the experience I have gained in all of those positions, and I am excited to continue increasing in that capacity as I continue to learn and lead while pursuing my Bachelors Degree at SEU in the fall. My life right now is better than I could have ever pictured or dreamed that it could be. I attribute that to nothing I have done on my own strength, but entirely on my heart shifting to be more in alignment with Jesus. My external world will always be a direct reflection of what is in my heart. I could not have asked for a better opportunity to grow in my leadership, capacity, faith, love and my calling than through my experience at Wave Leadership College.

Wave Leadership College is committed to equipping Christian leaders to build the local church and transform their communities for the glory of God.

Accredited Degree Program. Earn your Ministry degree. Face-to-face classes. Affordable tuition. Earn college credit for internships in your church. Check out www.wavecollege.edu for more information.