Not all leaders and churches are in the same season of ministry life. We understand that people approach Wave Collective looking for different levels of partnership and equipping. To help make the Collective as advantageous a partnership as possible for you, we offer two distinct relationship opportunities:


Wave Collective Partners

A Collective Partner is a Senior Pastor who wants to identify with Wave Collective as a resource to help him/her more effectively build their local church. We provide a Certificate of Affiliation and Ordination of the Senior Pastor if requested. It is important to note that it is not required or expected to rename your church Wave Church.


Wave Collective Friends

A Collective Friend is one who wishes to have kingdom relationship but does not wish to formally avail themselves and their church of the council and strategic planning available through Wave Collective. In many cases, these are pastors already in a denomination or movement, who want to build additional relationships and fellowship with Wave Collective. Friends are pastors who would like to relate to the Collective because of a similarity of vision and passion.