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Senior Pastor of Church Light of the World is Bozhidar Mihaylov Simeonov, a longtime pastor of Evangelical Pentecostal Church “Light of the World”, Plovdiv, the oldest Evangelical church in the city (founded in 1920). 400 members now

Bojidar Simeonov was born in Shumen in 1969. He was ordained as a pastor on February 29, 1995.
From 1992 to 1999 he served in the ECC “Life through Christ” in the town of Shumen as the church was founded by him and his wife Antoinette in 1992. In 1999 Bozhidar and his family moved to Plovdiv to take the church, led by God’s will for it. They leave five established churches and three church buildings in Shumen and the region. For years in Shumen ministry, God blessed the church there with approximately 130 believers in the Bulgarian and about 250-300 believers in the Gypsy church.

The Simeon family arrived in Plovdiv to take over the church “Light of the World” in a very difficult time. The church has just lost the building in which it was housed. Yet, with hard work and much prayer, the church managed to come out of the difficult moment and continue to reach new people for the Gospel.

There is a well-built 2000 square meter building with a 2000 square meter parking lot and many believers from different age groups who are awake and seeking God with open hearts to the world outside the church.