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Champions Church is situated in the beautiful Bayside of Brisbane Australia. We are experiencing unprecedented favour upon our ‘Champions Support Services’ at present. This ministry has run for a number of years, predating my appointment as pastor. It focused on the Church community mostly. We felt God wanted it to be much more and this past year it has provided food relief to more than 30,000 people in our local community, with many connecting to Jesus as a result. The resulting credibility at all levels of community and government have miraculously opened doors of opportunity to the Glory of God.

Another highlight was the weekend visit by Pastor Steve Kelly. Steve and Sharon Kelly are Mega gifts to the body of Christ and Steve’s visit to Champions Church was Life Changing. Steve’s acute Leadership awareness quickly identified areas we as a team can adjust immediately to propel us to the next level. A huge thank you to Wave Church, and pastors Steve and Sharon for Your willingness to walk the journey with all of us in the Wave Collective.

Steve and Susie Kennedy
Sen. Pastors, Champions Church
Brisbane Australia