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Park View Christian Church

God has yet again proven His faithfulness! As our church, Park View, was faithfully responsive to others in need, we saw great provision in our midst as well. When we received word about The Collective’s opportunity to respond to the recent hurricanes, we knew our church needed to be a part of this opportunity. The challenge for Park View was that, at the same time, we were in the middle of a fundraiser for a new sound system. As pastors, we all live with the reality that our people can only give so much. However, I can recall a clear prompting that our church needed to give towards the Collective’s response. I simply knew that God would somehow look after our interests as well. Philippians 2:4 was heavy on my mind. During that offering, our church raised over $800 for the hurricane relief. As the check was going out to those in need, an unexpected check came into the church! The amount not only met the need for our new system—it exceeded it! God is truly faithful.

Tim & Esther Campbell
Senior Pastors, Park View Christian Church