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Mercy City Church is just over three years old, but it has already planted its flag firmly in the city of Lincoln, Nebraska through the establishing of two locations. The church plant has become a place of spiritual refuge in the midst of a culture that places emphasis on the natural. Lincoln was named the most welcoming city, per capita, for international refugees.

Pastors Matt and Carrie Erikson believe that “Everyone. Always. Belongs.” Upon starting the church, the pastors were told where to plant their church, how to do it, what types of people to go after, and where God moves in the city of Lincoln.

The church has made such an impact in the community by being counter cultural and generous in such a way that the Midwest, especially Nebraska, is not used to. The church holds free events that attract thousands of people from the communities where their flag is planted. The only agenda of these events is to show the love of Jesus through the local church. These events are rarely hosted in the church building or on church grounds. They are held in public parks and schools for familiarity and comfort of the unchurched.

The public school system, Lincoln Public Schools, has seen the difference that Mercy City is making in the local middle school that their Sunday mornings meet at. This impact has been a round table discussion among higher ups in the public education system. Principals have reached out to the church to extend an invitation to bring their “energy, positivity, and love for the community” to other local schools.

Mercy City has flourished through the teaching of mercy: Not getting what you deserve, but getting what Jesus paid for. God’s mercy always accepts people in their mess, but God’s grace and love moves them from their mess, to His life of more. Mercy City has become an anchor in an environment that has swept so many lost people along the current without any hope of finding a place to grasp onto God’s word.


As a Collective, there are many stories just like Matt and Carrie’s of seeing lives changed and the Kingdom powerfully advancing. Let’s continue to remember that we are always stronger together than we are alone.