Here in Virginia Beach, we are stepping into one of my favorite times of year. School is out, the beaches are full, and the warm weather is here to stay (for the next few months). We just navigated a very strategic faith season in our church with our annual Provision for the House Offering. This is a one time offering, above and beyond tithes/offerings or people’s Foundation Commitments. Our goal this year was $650,000, and I am happy to say we have seen over $720,000 come in through this one time offering. Praise God!  If you would like more information on how we have built this strategic moment into our church’s annual ministry calendar, I encourage you to email Josh Kicker ( for more information. 

Every summer, we gather our entire Wave Church staff, from all of our campuses, together for a day of fun and relationship building. It really matters to Sharon and I that our team is happy, healthy and whole. That does not happen by mistake—it happens by design! I encourage you, be sure to be taking time to laugh, live and celebrate the wins with your team. It truly makes all the difference.

We just kicked off a brand new series here at Wave called, “Man in the Mirror,” we are looking at some of the Biblical virtues of Christian living. Make sure to listen in to our Wave Church podcast if you want to hear some of this series. I  am really excited to see what God does in our community through our conversation on this important topic. 

We are so excited to host you for this year’s Collective Summit and Conference in just a few short weeks.  If you haven’t yet had a chance to register, it is not too late!  It means so much to Sharon and me to see each of our churches owning these annual moments. This is our conference as a Collective Community.

Our team has been praying and believing that this will be a refreshing season for each of you and your teams. The theme this year is “Seek.” Our speakers include Erwin McManus, Ed Young, Levi Lusko, Dr. Scott Wilson, Derek Donley, Manny Arango, Pete Wilson, worship with the Mosaic team and so much more. I am believing that as we all prioritize coming together as a Collective that we will find new vision, new strength, and new joy in our lives.

Don’t forget we have special group pricing! For any questions about conference, be sure to reach out to Joe Riddle ( Head to to register yourself, your team, and your church today. 

See you soon! 

Steve and Sharon