Hello Wave Collective,

I hope our newsletter finds you well on your way to taking ground in the midst of this new year! We have great faith this will be a year of breakthrough for every one of you! Remember, the Kingdom of God is a river—not a pie! When somebody around us takes ground, it does not leave us with less provision, influence, or breakthrough. When one part of the church takes ground, we all take ground together!

I’d love to let you know about a few things that greatly matter to me. First, I want you to know our Collective Directors have all agreed we will aim to strategically build an environment of stronger connection and care among our Collective this year. To help achieve this, our Directors will reach out to everyone on a regular basis in an effort to better know how we can pray and support you as you answer the call of God that is on you and your church. Please see these calls as a real opportunity to receive encouragement, prayer and support from our Directors.

Another way you can engage in a better sense of connection this year is to join us for some of the Collective’s upcoming events! Be sure to visit for more details on the following opportunities for community and connection: Steve Kelly Round Table (March 20-21 in Florida), Wave Europe (June 4-6) Wave Summit and Conference (July 30- August 2), and we also have some webinars and Senior Pastor Days on the horizon!

We hope to see many of the ladies from your churches with us for Devoted Conference in just a few days. It is our prayer that everyone you send will return with greater passion for what God is doing in your church. Sharon and I greatly value the opportunity to support and cheer you on as we embark on this ministry life together. We are praying for you!

All the Best,

Steve Kelly
President, Wave Collective