Hi All!

I hope this letter finds you rejuvenated after our time together at our annual Summit and Conference! When I reflect back on all God worked that week, I marvel at what He is doing in our midst. I have never been more excited about building the local church! It is my prayer that the same can be said by all the great team members and volunteers who traveled along with you for those strategic days at the start of this month.

As you may recall, during the Summit we rolled out our new name for the network which was agreed upon with the Directors this past March at our annual Director’s meeting. The new name is ‘Wave Collective’ – a community of believers of like mind and spirit. I believe this truly embodies who we are! Language builds culture. Let’s all be sure to be helping one another embrace the new name of our community!

All in all, it has been a wonderful month here at Wave Church. To help finish the summer strong, we have annually had what we call “hot summer nights” in our PM services. In addition to our team coming up with great ideas for events in the lobby and powerful worship, we bring in a guest speaker each week and they truly do inject fire into the spirit of our church! Our guest speakers this year include Sam Evans, Holly Wagner, Maury Davis, Lucas Connell, and Dharius Daniels!

As we turn to the fall season, my prayer for each of you is that there would be peace in your home, growth in your marriages, unity among your team members, willingness in the hearts of your volunteers, and increases in salvation and influence! May we never forget that we serve an Ephesians 3:20 God!

We love you,

Steve and Sharon Kelly

President, Wave Collective