Hello Wave Collective,

As fellow ministers of the gospel, I’m sure you’ve also had times that have made you aware that you do not have all the answers. Virginia Beach’s recent mass shooting tragedy has had a profound effect on me, my family, our church family and our entire community. I believe our communities need The Church to stand strong in these times and I’ve been meditating on Luke 9:51-54, I hope these thoughts bless and speak to you today…

In this passage Jesus tells His disciples, “we are going to Jerusalem” knowing that sometime soon, he would take his last trip to Jerusalem. You will notice the Samaritan’s are not happy about the destination and the disciples got a little ticked off with them, but nothing and no one was going to dissuade Jesus from it. The disciples asked, do you want us to call down fire on them and consume them all? 

Are we too ready to judge people because they don’t respond in the moment how we think they should? It’s possible Jesus has the same thought about us as we try and use the Old Covenant but are living in the New covenant.

As Numbers 14:24 says “My servant Caleb has a different spirit” as leaders we are called to have a different spirit! Here are some Characteristics of a “Different Spirit” that will make our churches stand as a beacon of light to our communities.

People with a different spirit are the first to lead.

When there is an opportunity to do something for God, there we are. We have to decide to have a different spirit. We are not going to wait for others, we are not going to wait for the common consensus, we as a church are going to lead especially in times of crisis. This is where the Church should shine!

A different spirited people are not ruled by what’s in front of them.

We read that Joshua got to the Jordan River while it was in flood stage, he didn’t wait for things to get better. He took Children of Israel to the river but God says, “You are to cross the river”. Sometimes when God asks you to do something the natural surrounding won’t confirm God’s will but because you have a different spirit you are not going to allow the weather, the environment, the circumstances, the bank manager or the doctor’s report to deter you from what God has said. If God says I am the Lord that heals or I am Jehovah Jireh and I will supply all your needs, even though the bank circumstances don’t look all that encouraging, a different spirit is going to go there. If God has told you that He wants you to go even though there are great obstacles in front of you, act fearlessly.

A different spirit worships.

David was King of Israel and had great power but he danced before the Lord of Lords in humility. His wife Michal was angry and said “you danced before the people and embarrassed yourself”, but David said, “I didn’t do it for them but I danced before the Lord and I will be even more extravagant tomorrow”.  You and I need to decide to the first to enter in – lead the charge!

A different Spirit has hope.

People with a different spirit have hope for people who don’t have hope for themselves. “This hope we have as an anchor of the soul” – don’t get your hope anchored in this world. A different spirited person hopes against all hope. When you don’t see what you are believing for, don’t ever dial down your passion for God!

I pray these few words will be a reminder to you that we have a “different Spirit”.

We love you guys!! 

Steve Kelly
President, Wave Collective