Hi All!

It was 48 degrees when I woke up this morning… I love this time of the year. It’s always nice to see the arrival of summer, but it’s also nice when it leaves. One of the things I love most about Hampton Roads is how you get to enjoy all four seasons! This season is more fun than ever because we get to see it through the eyes of all of our grandchildren! The Kelly family has been expanding. In recent months we have seen not one but TWO baby girls added to our family.

It has been a fantastic couple of months in the church. At the start of September, we had Dharius Daniels come and speak in our Sunday night service. Let me tell you, he can preach! He has been to our church a number of times now, and he just gets better and better.

There is a sense of excitement at our church that God is up to something good and we are open to it. In September, I preached a series called “Revival” and we left plenty of room in our AM services for the supernatural, miracles, healings, and more. It really injected life into the fall season for our church! In October, we kicked of our ‘Heaven and Hell’ series, and- as the name suggests- we talked about the reality of eternity and how that should impact our daily lives. We have seen an awesome response in salvations over the course of these series.

Last month I flew with Joe Riddle to San Diego where we hosted a Senior Pastors Day with several pastors from that area and what a blessing that was. We made a number of new connections with churches in that area. God willing, we will see new churches partnering with the Collective who were with us for that day of friendship building! As you read this, we are gearing up for our annual ‘Man Up’ Conference (November 3-4th). This too is going to be a God moment for our guys and those that are coming in from the different Collective churches. Make plans to be here with the men in your church- I have no doubt all will leave with fresh vision and fight in their spirit.

It’s hard to believe, but 2017 is already winding down. Let’s finish strong! I look forward to seeing you all on our upcoming webinar on November 28. Register Here, for FREE, to be with us if you haven’t done so yet! We love you all and it’s a privilege to do the journey with you.

Steve and Sharon Kelly

President, Wave Collective