Hi Guys,

It’s been a couple of months since we sent out the newsletter but we are off to a great start of 2018 at the Collective. This month I flew to speak at my cousin’s church north of Atlanta where we had a great response. I actually hadn’t been back to his church for a few years so it was good to catch up.

This month we had a new pastor apply to come into Collective from California. His name is Troy Shedeed and he and his wife Jennifer, pastor Generations Church in Temecula Valley, CA. Why don’t you send an email and welcome them into the family.

One of our Directors Steve Caronna in Raleigh, has been adding a new addition to his church and it is looking good (see the Your Voice) they are growing and seeing people saved every week. Jesse Eisenhart has been in communication with the building committee in his township and they are just about to get the permission they need to build a new facility which will be awesome. Ed Daniels in the Boston area has taken over a new building and they are busy fitting it out and making it the facility they want it to be. I have been at Sam Masteller’s in Pennsylvania since I last wrote and he too is in negotiations with his county for a large piece of property.

Pray for all of our Collective pastors that God will bless them abundantly this year.

Our latest Wave Church worship album just came out this month ‘On and On’ it is awesome, with songs you may know and also new ones. You can get them online at or email Lainie Williams at

We have our Collective Directors meeting next month. We are looking forward to that and see what new ideas come out of those meetings.

Have a blessed month and hopefully, we will see most of your ladies at Devoted (March 1-3).

We love you guys.

Robert and Margaret Cameron
Wave Collective Directors