Hi Guys,

It’s been a great couple of months for the Collective, and it is so good to hear what God is doing in each of your worlds. In September, I had the privilege of flying to Kansas to be with Paul and Laurie Andrews (Life Church) in Augusta. They are doing an outstanding job and it was good to see so many new faces at their church.

We also had the Hurricane Harvey relief drive, and Collective churches were able to give over $114,000.00! Praise the Lord! Right after our response to Harvey, Florida was hit with Hurricane Irma which left the Keys devastated. Once again, Wave Collective jumped into action. We have crews down there helping in the reconstruction efforts. They will be there for a few weeks (changing crews weekly). For those who have sent volunteers down to help, THANK YOU. Your involvement has truly impacted lives. For those who haven’t yet stepped up to get involved, it isn’t too late!

This month, Margaret and I drove up to Airborne Church to speak for the weekend. It was wonderful and they have a beautiful facility, which they are filling twice on a Sunday. If you have time, go and visit!

I was talking to Jesse Eisenhart (True North) and they are on the last leg of getting permission to build their facility. They are packing them in at their current venues. We are praying and believing for favor so they can continue to grow into all God has called their church to accomplish.

These are just some of the reports of what God is doing throughout our Collective. Pray for Teddy and Genesis as they are only 20 miles away from the big fires in California and they have not been able to meet at their venue because of bad air quality. Other than that, they are doing well! Due to their proximity, they have been able to giving out food etc. to the victims and be a real help in the midst of that disaster.

We are preparing for our ‘Man Up’ conference coming up in a few weeks and I hope some of you are able to come and bring some of your men with you as it will be challenging and refreshing. Let’s finish the year strong!

We love you guys.

Robert and Margaret Cameron
Wave Collective Directors