Hi Guys,

It has been a great month for the Collective with lots of changes happening and new pastors coming on board!

I loved hosting our Summit in our Norfolk campus for the first time ever. It worked out very well, and I know many enjoyed getting to see more of the city of Norfolk! Our guest speaker this year was Pastor Luke Barnett, and he did an awesome job imparting a greater passion for serving people and challenging us to dream bigger for our influence in our respective cities. One of the themes he spoke on was “Dream or Drift” which I was so blessed by.

At the Summit, we introduced our new name for the network. This is something our Directors have been working on for some time. We are now known as Wave Collective. The word collective means – a community of believers in like faith and spirit so from now on, we will be using that name. Have patience with us if we don’t get it right every time. Ha!!

Our web page is now so feel free to use that for any information you may need.

As I mentioned previously, we introduced a couple of new pastors at the Summit who have come on board with the Collective. Tim and Esther Campbell who pastor ‘Park View Christian Church’ in Chesapeake, VA Kevin and Susan Eloy, who pastor ‘The Cause’ up in Yarmouth, MA Steve and Susan Kennedy, who pastor ‘Champions Church’ in Thornlands, Australia Zhenya and Vera Kasevych, who pastor ‘Dynamo Church’ in Aventura, FL Please take time to welcome them to the Collective!

Pastor Steve has a Senior Pastors Day in San Diego, CA on September 20th. We will be sending out more information on that but if you can make it, I know he would love to see you there. The agenda for these events is really quite simple: we desire to leave room for friendships and connections to grow stronger. There will be no meetings to be had—only connection and friendship building! If you know anybody in that part of the country who you think would benefit from this opportunity, please email Joe ( and we will reach out to them!

We count it a privilege to serve you,

Robert and Margaret Cameron
Wave Collective Directors