The fall semester began on Monday, August 21, and once again, Wave Leadership College is blessed with its largest enrollment in school history. Seventy-one students now attend our Associate of Ministry program, and nineteen students are enrolled in SEU at Wave Leadership College, which offers a B.S. in Ministerial Leadership or a B.S. in Business & Professional Leadership. We are honored and proud of the great students God has sent to WLC.

That sound you hear may be the students cheering as WLC received a major grant to fund our library expansion. The library expansion is providing us with much-needed additional space and furniture, as well as more computers. All together, the project, to be completed in early September, will increase our student computer access by 200% and our seating area will grow by nearly 300%!

It’s a great start to another great year at WLC. Thank you for your prayers and support and of course – your students!

To get registered or to request information for WLC, contact the Admissions Counselor, Robby Blair can be reached via or 757-401-6125. Your story starts here.